Catalog 2017

This year again, with the 2017 edition of its catalog, OMCR renews its offer in standards die components world by introducing many news, in the compact paper format or in the practical digital version as always. Here are the news to discover consulting the OMCR catalog:

C10.90: gage range with sensor M30 increased
C11.95: plate for sensor M30 added
C12.11: air pin range increased with "Type 11" and "Type 12"
C12.12: air pin range increased with dimensions from 150 to 360mm (5mm steps)
C12.26: balance block range increased
C12.30: spacing bar range incresed with dimensions from 5 to 250mm (5mm steps) and from 250 to 350mm (10mm steps)
• C13.27: anti-rebound pad retainer added
C14.30: locating block added
C16.18: roller coated in Vulkolan added
• C16.20: roller stock lifter added
• C17.27: anti-rebound elastomer added
• C17.51: anti-rebound elastomer added
• CRX01: CRX range expansion with the addition of the new CRX01 model with drivers DCRX0100
• B02.12: new lifting pin Mercedes-Benz added
• E50.42: new sintered steel wear plate added
• E50.50: new sintered steel wear plate added
• E50.55: new sintered steel wear plate added
• E53.13: sintered steel "V"  driver added
• E53.21: sintered steel "V" driver added

As usually, you can readily move in over 10,000 product codes with few clicks, find the item you are looking for and access the full technical documentation in the  "Download" section of www.omcr.it. You can always request your printed copy of the catalogue, an essential working tool in its handy and compact size. For any information or suggestions just contact us from our website or directly through your reference in OMCR.

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